M113 BR Project



The Brazilian Army’s premise, the project for the modernization of the Armored Vehicles of Transport of Troops M113 BR, started in 2013, aims to update the fleet of these tanks with more than 45 years of manufacture, with more than 25 years since the last repowering.


GTF Force Parts has participated as a service provider in this process, which includes systems of powertrain, transmission, cooling, suspension and electric systems among the systems to be modernized. In secondary systems, doors, hatches, hinges, restraints and latches, navigation systems, lubrication, internal ventilation, power supply and fire-fighting system are included.



1. The priority objective of the VBTP M113 B modernization project is to bring the armored Marines subunits of the shielded and mechanized GU into operational state.

2 . Maintain the availability index of the VBTP M113 BR.

3. Reduce the cost and time of preventive and corrective maintenance by upgrading VBTP M113 BR systems and components.

4. Extend the life cycle of VBTP M113 BR for at least 20 years.